How to Make OpenSUSE 11.4 (or Later) Live USB on Windows

Abz's note


Here is my 2nd try to migrate to OpenSUSE with my Laptop. My first try to migrate to OpenSUSE has make me disappointed, why? because proxy issues on OpenSUSE, so i got some trouble to get ‘uptodate’. On my 2nd try, i forced to use USB, because my optical drive was ‘gone’, hahaha.


After some googling days, attempts and a little frustating. Here is my way to make OpenSUSE Live USB on Windows, thx 4 people on openSUSE forum especialy Jefro, kiwi man and Lexar for creating an ‘unique’ tool.


Prepare some stuff

  1. OpenSUSE Live CD Image (i’m using OpenSUSE 11.4 KDE 64 bit, just in case :))

  3. SUSE studio image writer. Download here

  5. BootIt by Lexar, to make USB flash drive act as local drive. Download here

  7. Don’t forget, the USB Flash drive. I’m using kingston data traveller 1GB (as i’m…

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