How to install transmission for Optware on Asus RT-AC68U

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This method can be used for other Asus routers, but I have written it after applying it on my RT-AC68U.


  • [optional, but highly recommended] Custom firmware with jffs partition enabled, if you want to use access transmission from WAN (I recommend asuswrt-merlin);
  • Optware installed on your router. Entware is not yet compatible with Asus RT-AC68U;
  • Be sure Optware is installed on ext4 filesystem (check if your router supports ext4. If not, ext3 or ext2 should be used. The Asus RT-AC68U supports ext4);
  • Be sure Download Master is uninstalled (it is incompatible with transmission);
  • libiconv library (converts between character encodings) installed on Optware;
  • nano text editor installed on Optware;
  • You need to enable SSH connection to your router;
  • PuTTY installed on your computer;
  • [optional] Transmission Remote GUI installed on your computer (I have seen something similar available for Android devices).
  • [optional but recommended] SWAP activated on the router.

Installing transmission

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