Guide to Install Tomato firmware on Asus RT-AC68U / RT-AC66U / RT-AC56U / RT-N66U / RT-N53 / RT-N16 / RT-N15U / RT-N12 HP B1 C1 D1 / RT-N10P / RT-N10U router (韌體教學)

Moonlight Knight

Disclaimer: If you brick (i.e. ruin) your router by following this page, I will not be held responsible.  Although much effort has been made to ensure the correctness of the information presented here, it is possible there are still incorrect or outdated information.  I have personally tried flashing RT-N16 and RT-N12 B1 only.  (If you happen to make the router unbootable, retry the Asus recovery procedure with Asus stock firmware.)

Last update: 2014-10-23

Is Tomato firmware affected by the OpenSSL heartbleed vulnerability?

Yes.  The good news is that it has already been fixed.  Tomato by Shibby fixed it in V117.  Toastman Builds of Tomato starting from 2014-4-22 also include the fix.

Why install Tomato firmware?

  • You need a feature that is supported by one of the variants of Tomato but not the stock Asus firmware
  • You’re doing P2P and the router crashes / reboots
  • You’re having an issue that you…

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