Blackburn Sing Sing – A Different Approach To The U-Lock

Suburban Assault


I’ve been needing a new u-lock. My cheap-o lock u-lock from college was showing some serious wear and tear, and I was down to just one key – which happened to be the old, easy to pick, barrel kind. As a temp fix, I picked up a simple cable lock. It did the job, but as we all know, could easily be compromised by some cable cutters. It was basically used to keep the honest folks, honest.

Of course, there are lots of great products on the market from companies like Kryptonite, OnGuard, etc. I was going to pick one up for this year, until I saw the Blackburn locks featured in Bicycling magazine. To me, Blackburn is known for their air pumps, cyclometers, tools and trainers – I never expected a bike lock in their lineup. I was intrigued by their hexagonal shackle concept –…

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