Building a code plug for BrandMeister.

HAM RADIO DMR… codeplug


When building a code plug there are three stages.

1. Installing the talkgroups, reflectors and personal identifications.

2. Building the frequency tables.

3. Building the zones.

These have to be done in this order as you can’t build frequency tables without groups and you can’t build zones without frequencies.

1. When creating the talkgroups and reflectors in the contacts list, add all of them. Research all the sources. If you want to add personal calls do so, but only those you believe you will need for personal interaction, you’ve room only for a 1000. Talkgroups are Group Calls, Reflectors and Personal contacts are registered as Private Calls. In the Tytera and Retivis CPS you can clearly see the numbering is unique for each group. When creating a named Talkgroup 9 for example, it should appear in the table as 9 in the associated group call list, or it won’t work…

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